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Amanda Findley, has served for eight years as a councillor and is both experienced and highly qualified to be standing for Mayor


Nina Cheyne, who has extensive experience as a Registered Nurse and is passionate about the health and well-being of communities, is standing in Ward One.



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Kaye Gartner has been a community campaigner all her life and has organised grass roots responses to everything from destructive waste products to the destruction of local foreshores. She is standing in Ward Three.

John Levett Profile Pic

John Levett, was instrumental in the ShUT (Shoalhaven Unwanted Tip) campaign in Tomerong. He advocates a change in the culture of Shoalhaven administration and is standing in Ward Two


Amanda Findley with David Shoebridge MLC NSW and the team of twelve candidates and supporters at the launch of the Shoalhaven Greens campaign.

Vote GREEN at the 2016 Council Election – Amanda for Mayor

DSC_5677trCouncillor Amanda Findley, who has represented The Greens for the past eight years, stands as a candidate for Mayor at the Shoalhaven Council elections occurring on September 10th 2016.

She is supported by four candidates in each of the three Wards. Meet the candidates here.

“I’ve lived on the NSW South Coast for 17 years and have been representing the Greens on the Shoalhaven City Council for the past 8 years. My working life has been diverse – I’ve operated a family business, had a career in banking and now own and operate a cattle farm in the Milton area.

I’m a big believer in community consultation, which is why I chose to be part of a party that’s all about grassroots involvement. During my time on Council I’ve witnessed how important community involvement is to local projects and I’m convinced that local knowledge is an essential ingredient for finding solutions to local problems.

I also believe passionately in good land use planning, an issue that is highly contested in regional NSW. Very little protection is given to productive agricultural land and The Greens are the only party that have delivered a comprehensive plan for Australia’s food security, one that protects farms and waterways. The ‘old’ political parties have failed regional Australia by refusing to recognise the value of food production land.

As a beef cattle farmer, I understand the challenges facing many businesses in regional areas around the country, with difficult access to markets and reliance on road freight. I want to provide a voice for regional Australian farmers and business owners, to make sure that the issues that matter to us find a forum in the Australian parliament.

I’ve also seen how regional communities are affected by high unemployment, especially among young people. We need to provide services or those affected by underemployment and socio-economic disadvantage. And we need to give our young people reason to stay in regional areas, by providing work and education opportunities. The Greens are calling for investment in food production and in renewable energies, two industries that can provide jobs and training in regional areas for many years to come.

The Greens are a party that understand regional Australia and appreciate the essential role played by our regional and rural communities. We want to protect the well-being of those communities by providing health, education and cultural services as well as long term job opportunities and prospects for business. A vote for The Greens is a vote for the future of regional Australia.”

Below: Amanda Findley with David Shoebridge MLC NSW and the team of twelve candidates and supporters at the launch of the Shoalhaven Greens campaign.

Gilmore Greens candidate announced for coming Federal election – Carmel McCallum


The Gilmore Greens have announced their candidate, Carmel McCallum, for the upcoming federal election.

Carmel is a pharmacist and has been a Greens member since 2004 when she joined The Greens to support Andrew Wilkie in the Sydney seat of Bennelong after the Australian government invaded Iraq based on the weapons of mass destruction deception.

Carmel moved to the Shoalhaven area in 1978, to reside first in Vincentia and, later in North Nowra and Cambewarra.  She is married to Howard, who served in the Navy as a helicopter pilot and they have four grown-up children. Howard’s naval postings took them to California in 1985-87, where one of their children was born, and then to the RAAF Headquarters in Glenbrook in the Blue Mountains in 1993 where they lived for almost 20 years. The McCallums returned to Cambewarra in 2012.

Carmel’s involvement in pharmacies has given her a wide range of business and social experience. She owned the West-End Pharmacy in Berry Street, Nowra for almost nine years and, as a result of her husband’s postings, has also worked in almost 50 pharmacies both as a casual and as a locum.

Currently, Carmel is Vice-President of Professional Pharmacists Australia (a division the union Professionals Australia) representing employed pharmacists. She also sits on the South Coast Labour Council representing the NSW Committee of Professionals Australia, and spent eight years as a councillor on the NSW Federation of P&Cs Associations, and was a board member on the Lower Blue Mountains Neighborhood Centre.

In 2007 and 2010 Carmel was The Greens candidate for the federal seat of Macquarie and campaign manager in 2011 for the state seat of Blue Mountains, where The Greens’ result yielded 17%.  The local government areas in these electorates are similar to Gilmore, covering regional areas within a few hours of Sydney, having similar issues with lack of public transport, reduced services and beautiful fragile environments.

Of the coming Federal Election, Carmel says, “This is the most important election in my lifetime, with many of the wonderful things we take for granted, which have been built up over decades, now being undermined or diminished.  My father and many others went to World War II to fight to keep our country the best it could possibly be.  Our democracy is being threatened by a government that is portraying us as intolerant and unkind, always resorting to unreasonable treatment of those who are least able to defend themselves.  There is a lack of honesty and transparency which exceeds any previous Australian government.

“I see living on the beautiful South Coast as a privilege. Seeing what’s happening in other parts of the country, where environmental protection is being sacrificed for short-term greed and permanent destruction is one of my greatest motivations.

“And it’s not leading to more jobs or better education opportunities. In the Shoalhaven we have recently seen our paper mill close and the Port Kembla Steel Works is now under threat. This government is taking away all levels of education and training opportunities for our youth and displaced workers: the role of TAFE has been drastically downgraded in the community and our universities are becoming unaffordable except for the very rich.

“The Australia I know can be so much more than this, investing in our future through education, training and job creation; nurturing health and wellness; growing renewable energy and greater innovation, while at the same time looking after and caring for the most vulnerable, including ‘those who come across the seas’ seeking our help.”

For more details contact Carmel McCallum on:

M 0499320877; Email:

Greens launch South Coast jobs plan

Greens launch South Coast jobs plan

FUTURE jobs in the area will be in renewable energy, sustainable food production and other agricultural industries, expanding public health and education sectors, tourism, creative arts, waste management and biotechnology, according to The Greens.

Greens candidates Terry Barratt (Kiama) and Amanda Findley (South Coast) launched the party’s regional renewal plan, aimed at creating local jobs on Tuesday.

They said natural assets like the rich and biodiverse natural environment, pristine waters and productive farmlands underpinned future economic opportunities in tourism and agriculture.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 9.41.23 am

Greens candidates Terry Barratt (Kiama) and Amanda Findley (South Coast) launch the regional renewal plan with party members John Kubale, Carmel McCallum, Jenny Williams, Helen Nugent, Howard Jones, Jenny Callanan, Mike Leggett and Michael Cox (front).

They said they supported ecologically sustainable development that put the needs of residents before property developers.

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Greens plan to restore TAFE funding

…as published in the South Coast Register 12 February 2015

THE NSW Greens have challenged both major parties about their policies on education.

Greens NSW MP John Kaye said he wanted voters to be aware both parties were prepared to hand over hundreds of millions of dollars of TAFE money to private for-profit corporations.

“Both major political parties are looking at around $700 million worth of tax payer’s funds going off to private providers,” he said, speaking at the TAFE Illawarra Nowra/Bomaderry Campus on Wednesday.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 8.45.03 am

“About a third of that, $230 million, could end up as profits for the private corporations. That’s an awful lot of money that’s not going into TAFE.

“It’s going to lower the standards of education and training and take away from TAFE the capacity to operate campuses like the Nowra/Bomaderry campus that are so critical to the economic development of the region and so critical to opportunities of residents in the Shoalhaven.”

Mr Kaye said Labor was happy to let 30 per cent of the total training budget disappear into private providers.

“That’s $693 million or 7000 potential teaching positions that could disappear each year from TAFE’s budget,” he said.

“About 40 per cent of students will see substantial increases in their fees this year and next year we will see about $700 million go out of the public sector vocational education training budget from TAFE into the competitive market.

“The government argues it will create more opportunity, but the reality is that is a way for government to spend less on training, which is effectively privatisation of TAFE.”

Mr Kaye said these issues needed to be in voters’ minds in six weeks’ time.

“The Greens say no money should go out of the public budget to private providers who operate for profit,” he said.

“There should be no money going to any private provider where TAFE can provide the same service.”

Greens Kiama candidate Terry Barratt said both major political parties had undermined the value of TAFE.

“I’m really concerned. The Greens are working on a jobs initiative in the Kiama and South Coast electorates. Are we wasting our time? What the heck are we doing? If we don’t have the opportunity of training youths they won’t have the opportunity to get involved in the new, growing, sustainable economy,” he said.

“How can students be involved in courses if they can’t afford them? And the few that can afford them will probably find they are not being run because there aren’t enough students.

“Shelley [Hancock] is saying there is more money – but it’s going to the private enterprises.”

Keeping our electricity network in public hands is essential for a clean energy future

Greens NSW MP and Energy Spokesperson John Kaye recently wrote a piece for the ‘Stop the Sell Off’ Campaign about why we need to keep public ownership of our remaining electricity assets in NSW.

Stop the Sell Off

Help the Greens in 2015 – Fundraiser – February 7

Shoalhaven Greens Fundraiser Flyer


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